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Made in France from trees of the forest of Burgundy: Oak and Ash (Quercus / Fraxinus)

French oak : pédonculé, rouvre, sessile / Quercus pedunculata, robur, petraea

Frêne français : Fraxinus excelsior

Phytosanitary certificate, upon request, issued by the Department of French agriculture

Packaging custom made - Box with pallet - ISMP 15 international standard - Worldwide shipping

Incoterms®: EXW (Departure from workshop) or DAT (Delivered at terminal)

N° EORI: Bertrand LACOURT: FR 403 731 763 00039

Custom tariff number: Chair: 94 01 80 / Bench and stool: 94 03 / Table: 94 03.6000


Examples of size and weight of parcel, packing included:

Chair #charub: 41*44*102 cms - 36 kg / Bench #banbrux 42*48*74 cms - 38 kg






Eori号码:Bertrand Lacourt:FR 40373176300039


Membre des Ateliers d'Art de France